Renovation of Existing Space

Full AVL Design. Consult on scenic elements and Wall Colors. WAVE approached this building with the intention of helping this space tell a new story. This was a very traditional space that we made feel like a more modern room. The project included work with the main auditorium, Foyer, Children’s large group space.

Our Approach

Momentum had been given the opportunity to take over the ministry of a struggling church. The past church had a more traditional approach. Momentum asked us to come in and help this building tell their story. They are a very young church with very limited means. The CURRENT team at WAVE came in and consulted on every major space in the building as well as designing a new audio and video system. We also helped add environmental lighting to the existing key lighting to help immerse the room in a worship experience. CURRENT did all of this for less than $30,000.

AVL Design

Momentum’s new room incorporated a new sound system, Video projection and screen and LED lighting as a first Phase to supplement the already existing Key lighting in the facility.

Acoustic Design

The CURRENT team consulted on Absorptive material’s placement and quantity.

Foyer Design and large spaces design

The CURRENT team consulted on wall colors and creative theming for all larges spaces.

Stage and Lighting Design

While needing to Phase out the implementation of some lighting, CURRENT brought color and immersion into the space. With the use of LED lighting, WAVE was able to create an experience that helped eliminate the us and them feel that rooms can have when all of the creative elements appear only on stage. CURRENT also consulted on how to create house lights and wood materials that were brought into the room to create a more modern and intimate experience.