Lifepoint Church

Fredericksburg, Virginia


Lifepoint’s main worship space has been designed with WAVE’s VenueFLEX process.  This combination of show control systems, surround audio, and integrated video, broadcast and lighting systems allows Lifepoint to deliver content to three campuses every week from this central “hub”.

Our Approach

Over the course of many months, WAVE worked hand-in-hand with the Church, the design architect and the architect of record to implement a fully-immersive experience throughout the various spaces.  Every detail, from the visual and aural experience in the auditorium, down to the integration of information systems in the administration suite, was meticulously planned on paper and then implemented in the real world.

Audio Design

Audio Design

The main auditorium features a high-impact audio system, providing VenueFLEX surround sound in every seat.  This extends to the broadcast audio control, distributing multi-channel sound to remote campuses and internet viewers.

Acoustic Design

The acoustics of the space are optimized to enable contemporary worship, with tight bass and high-impact audio.  Throughout the design stage, sound isolation was key to the design strategy, allowing the auditorium to operate in a crowded commercial development and adjacent to residential property.  Noise control is key, providing a quiet, controlled environment for live recording and broadcast.

Video Design

Video Design

Dynamic visuals are provided by a large upstage projection screen, complemented by side screens in the space.  A full-HD broadcast production system allows high-quality capture of services for distribution to remote campuses and internet viewers.  Media servers provide automated playback and content management across the system.

Lighting Design

Lighting Design

Every fixture in the sizable lighting rig is based on LED sources, providing both color mixing and automation as well as significant operational savings.  Moving lights are controlled via a network-based lighting control system.  Full integrated control of media servers and synchronization via timecode is provided throughout.  All house and architectural lighting is integrated into the control system, will full color mixing throughout the audience, breaking down the “fourth wall” and immersing the audience in color.

Multisite technology

A real-time contribution encoder system is provided to allow low-latency transport of video between all three Lifepoint campuses.  Multiple channels of audio are available, allowing simultaneous worship between all three bands, using a distributed stem and click system.  A hardware encoder pushes live content to internet viewers, seen on

Full Campus Design

WAVE’s AVL design extends outside the main auditorium and into the facility as a whole.  A show-control system provides an immersive experience throughout the lobbies, integrating digital signage, color-changing LED lighting, and audio through multiple zones.  The same design strategy extends into the Children’s theaters and throughout the offices.

Information Technology

The entire WAVE AVL system is integrated into a WAVE-designed enterprise IT network, supporting both the real-time production uses and the office user and server systems.  WAVE implemented a fully-intelligent wireless network, and coupled the entire facility to the internet and to a dedicated fiber-optic network between campuses.