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The Who

It started by listening to live recordings.......the great ones!! Then going to live concerts.....hands raised wanting to hear more! Then playing live with a band......all night long! All of these emotions allowed us to experience rooms from another perspective and passion, and set the course for the core values the developed into our design goals for WAVE!

WAVE's secret formula is found in the intersection of math and emotion for every project, and embodies the partnership of Paul Henderson and Armando Fullwood, the math and emotion of WAVE!

Just like a great band who knows how to hit the downbeats, stay in the pocket, and play to the room! WAVE has connected a boutique team of skilled designers, engineers, creatives, and artists, with a balance between those on the team that have served in ministry and those who have dedicated their calling to engineering with a passion to serve our clients and their ministries in much the same manner!

Paul as the “math” of the partnership with a Doctorate in Acoustics from RPI and a true passion for invention winning a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship and the Rennselar Fellowship, make sure all of the AVL and Acoustic design details that a client doesn’t see under the hood are handled with absolute precision.

Armando as the “emotion” with a 25 year career that started as a studio engineer fixing and modifying Neve consoles and Studer tape machines up and down the East coast, working full time as a technical director for serveral church ministries and today mixing and designing live visual environments for some of the premier worship churches and artist around the world (Name dropping to be handled later) makes sure the room feels and looks right and handles the corners well!

The two have been friends long enough that they talk in short hand and know the abilities the other possesses and have equal passion for making sure the client is giving high fives at commissioning!!

Starting in Harrisburg NC which is 2 minutes from a corn-field and 20 from Charlotte Douglas International Airport develops a great perspective on state of the art creativity in the midst of a peaceful lifestyle, that can be delivered around the world by technology or in person through the other 7 WAVE locations across the US!

Our long-term partnership in WAVE and our award winning design team allows us to create incredible environments that communicate the heart and passions of the clients we serve, and is evident in the multiple projects that clients have asked us to be part of!